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Published: April 13, 2023

GISF Welcomes New Business Partner: Conducttr

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We are pleased to announce our latest business partnership with Conducttr.

Conducttr is the go-to crisis-exercising platform for the humanitarian sector. Their simulation software enables NGOs to build and deliver realistic, emotionally-engaging team exercises. Run either remotely or in-person, organisations can track participant performance and deploy immersive experiences that build permanent resilience. 

Through our partnership, GISF and Conducttr have developed the GISF Exercise Platform (GEP), which allows GISF member organisations to run a range of crisis exercises whenever they wish, free of charge. 

The scenarios on this platform enable crisis management staff to practise their crisis management plans, explore issues of stakeholder management and incident support, and ensure staff understand their roles and responsibilities. 

We are excited to bring Conducttr’s crisis simulation platform to our members, helping them to build their knowledge and confidence when handling real life crisis situations.

You can learn more about how we work with businesses to support our members in keeping their staff safe here.

Visit Conducttr’s website to discover how their realistic simulation technology helps organisations prepare for crisis.