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Published: July 15, 2021

GISF x ICoCA Survey: Contracting Private Security Providers

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Humanitarian NGOs and PSPs: a new survey to explore remaining gaps

GISF, in collaboration with ICoCA, is now building on their Private Security Providers module, featured in their Security to Go guide, to create an interactive training guide on private security contracting.

However, since there is limited data on the challenges NGOs face when contracting PSPs, how they address them, and what best practices exist, we first need to better understand NGOs practices, procedures and policies vis-à-vis PSPs.

GISF and ICoCA have developed a survey to gather this information, inviting HQ, regional and country-level staff from GISF member organisations to share their experiences. We also welcome more extensive inputs on the topic to make the interactive training guide as useful as possible. If you can take part in a short interview in the coming weeks, please contact Juliette Jourde by e-mail at j.jourde@icoca.ch or by phone at +41 22 727 07 58.

You can access the English version of the survey here.

The survey is now also available in French and Spanish.