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Published: March 30, 2021

Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Weeks (HNPW) x GISF 2021

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For the first time, Security Risk Management is being recognised as a priority topic at this year's HNPW!

Increasing attacks on aid workers continue jeopardising the sustainability of aid operations. Last year, 484 major attacks against aid workers were reported, 124 of which led to death. The latest  SCORE report identifies insecurity as the main obstacle to gaining humanitarian access.

In this shrinking humanitarian space, security risk management (SRM) aims to enable populations in need to access relief by keeping aid workers safe. Still, SRM’s efforts are often siloed from other parts of the humanitarian sector. This gap feeds misunderstandings about what SRM is and ultimately reduces organisations’ ability to effectively protect aid workers and the communities they serve.

For the first time, SRM is one of HNPW’s nine priority topics this year. Recognising the Global Interagency Security Forum’s (GISF) leading role in supporting collaboration on SRM and improving aid workers’ protection, GISF has been selected to lead sessions on this critical topic. Bringing together experts from across the aid world, GISF will be co-hosting ten open sessions on five SRM topics in partnership with different actors such as the UN, ICRC, FCDO, and Manchester University.

We welcome all humanitarians to join our sessions and discuss how to keep aid workers safe and facilitate access to affected communities. SRM impacts all aspects of humanitarian action, and together, we will improve communication and coordination across the sector and identify how SRM must adapt to face current challenges.

This year’s GISF-led HNPW sessions are (1) Security Risk Management in the Changing Global and Humanitarian Context, (2) Sharing Risk: Building Stronger Partnerships, (3) Acceptance & Access (4) Managing Security Risks in the Digital World, (5) A Person-Centred Approach to Security Risk Management in Humanitarian Response. The sessions will run twice.

Registration for the GISF HNPW sessions is now open. To register and find out more, please follow this link: https://buff.ly/3cZV2yV.’

To find out more about HNPW as a whole, please click here.