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How to become a member or associate

Find out how to apply and become part of the GISF community.

Membership and associate status

GISF’s members and associates comprise a range of organisations working to support GISF’s vision. By this, we mean that they are all non-profit organisations that seek to improve lives and reduce suffering. The joining criteria and benefits differ slightly between GISF members and associates.

Membership eligibility

Membership is open to international NGOs that have an operational presence which requires a full-time security risk management capacity. The organisation should employ a person responsible for security or access to be the focal point for interactions with GISF. And the organisation should demonstrate commitment to the ‘Code of Conduct of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and NGOs in Disaster Relief’ or a similar declaration.

To apply for membership, the organisation should obtain sponsorship (references) from two existing members of GISF.

Organisations accepted for membership will have access to all benefits. This includes access to exclusive events, resources and training opportunities, as well as voting rights to determine the governance of GISF.

Associate status eligibility

Associate status provides a means for other organisations working in the public interest to support GISF’s vision. For a reduced fee, they receive access to some of GISF’s events and services. Associates have no voting rights with regards to GISF’s governance.

Qualifying organisations include:

  • Think tanks and policy institutes working on foreign aid and security risk management
  • Universities and research institutions teaching or conducting research on foreign aid or security risk management
  • NGO coordination platforms, such as BOND, Coordinadora, ICVA, and others
  • International organisations, such as the The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement
  • Government-affiliated aid and development organisations.

On being accepted as a member or associate

All organisations accepted for membership or associate status will:

  • Agree to comply with the GISF information-sharing policy
  • Actively engage and collaborate with GISF Secretariat and other members
  • Promote good practice for security risk management within their organisation and across the broader relief and development sector.

Subscription fees

To ensure GISF’s sustainability, we ask our members and associates to pay an annual subscription fee. Our fee structure has five tiers based on organisations’ average annual incomes.

Annual IncomeSubscription Fee (2024)
<EUR 5 millionEUR 345
EUR 5 million – EUR 15 millionEUR 690
EUR 15 million – EUR 40 millionEUR 1,390
EUR 40 million – EUR 100EUR 2,195
> EUR 100 millionEUR 2,920


Annual IncomeSubscription Fee (2024)
<USD 5.2 millionUSD 365
USD 5.2 million – USD 15.8 millionUSD 730
USD 15.8 million – USD 43 millionUSD 1,465
USD 43 million – USD 105.2 millionUSD 2,310
> USD 105.2 millionUSD 3,075

A 30% discount is applied for associates in their relevant tiers.

Organisations with four or more ‘sister organisations’ as members of GISF are eligible for a 15% discount on their subscription fee. This is not applicable to associates.

Annual memberships start after GISF’s Spring Forum event in the first quarter of each year. Any organisation joining after this point will have their subscription fees pro-rated quarterly, in line with quarterly acceptance from GISF’s Steering Group.

How to join

  1. Read through all the information provided below before applying to become a member or associate.
  2. If you are interested in applying, please contact our Membership team at members@gisf.ngo.
  3. We’ll respond to your email and provide you with the application information needed.
  4. Once you have completed your application, our Steering Group will review it.
  5. The Steering Group assess applications on a quarterly basis. Your application will be reviewed at the first meeting following your submission date.
  6. If your application is successful, we’ll be in touch with all the necessary information to set you up.
  7. Welcome to the GISF network! You can now enjoy all the benefits of your membership or associate status.

Useful documents

GISF Member and Associate Information Pack

GISF Information Sharing Policy & Protocol

ICRC Code of Conduct

Become a member

When you're ready, get in touch with our Membership team.

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