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LAC Regional Workshop 2023-07 Crisis Management

This page is for confirmed participants only - please do not distribute this link or content further. Confirmed participants will receive an e-mail containing final event information closer to the date. Details are also available below.

About the Event

This workshop seeks to help regional staff build on their current crisis management knowledge. Participants will have an opportunity to dive deeper into specific aspects of crisis management and share their own experiences of addressing these issues within their organisations. 

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*agenda may be subject to change*

Overview of the agenda: 

Participants will engage in applicable good practices around crisis management, including managing a crisis from the family liaison perspective and strategies that help strengthen organisational crisis management needs.   

  • Welcome & Introductions
  • What is a crisis?
  • Family Liaison
  • Family Liaison simulation exercise
  • Applying crisis management tools and practices
  • Key takeaways


These workshops are targeted at:

  • Representatives of international NGOs who have security responsibilities at the regional level (or those acting as global or regional SFPs)
  • Additional relevant or other regional staff may be considered case by case. Please register your interest in the comments.

To ensure that a wide range of organisations can benefit from the workshops, participation might initially be limited to one person from an organisation, with additional spaces granted upon availability.

We strongly encourage all who are interested in attending this workshop to register.

Please note that the workshops will be held in English. If a non-English speaker is interested in attending, they should contact gisf-americas@gisf.ngo.

A couple notes regarding your participation are provided below. 

  • Bring a laptop/or web accessible device: For select parts of the workshop, we will be using various technology platforms. If possible, we encourage participants to bring their laptops to maximize their experience with the platforms. 
  • Start time:  
    • Day 1: Starts at 9:00am (UTC-5) 
    • Day 2: Starts at 8:30am (UTC-5) 
  • LAC Coordination Meeting:
    • The second half of day-two will include the LAC regional coordination meeting. We will bridge additional participants in for the meeting via zoom. If you have other colleagues who would like to participate in the virtual portion of this meeting – please share this link for them to rsvp. Please note that this meeting is aimed at NGO staff with LAC regional security responsibility. 
  • Pre- reading: the workshop does not require any pre-reading, however listed below are a few resources that may be of interest. Additional resources and information will be shared with participants during the workshop. 
  • Workshop participant WhatsApp group– we recognize that several participants may be traveling in from different areas. We have created this WhatsApp group for you to voluntarily connect and meet one another in advance. Please note there is no requirement to participate in this group. This group is strictly for the workshop so please do not disseminate the link further. 
  • Informal Social: Please note that we are organizing an informal social at the end of day 1. We plan to make a reservation at a nearby restaurant, but to make the reservation would like to confirm that you can join us. Please rsvp here by Wednesday 5th, July to help us have an accurate account.

Suggested Resources

NGO Crisis Management Exercise Manual: a guide to developing and facilitating effective exercises. 

Abduction and Kidnap Risk Management Guide 

Abduction Management of Critical Incidents 

Crisis Management of Critical Incidents 

If you have any questions regarding the Conducttr platform on the GISF website, please reach out to Megan at Megan@gisf.ngo and she would be happy to get you set you up properly.  

The workshop is free but participants must cover all their costs, (e.g., flights, accommodation, etc.).

Thank you for your interest and this event has concluded.

Workshop Logistics

Date: Wednesday, 12th and Thursday, 13th July 2023

Location: Consejo Danés para Refugiados (DRC) Calle 70A#7-95, Bogotá, Colombia

Many participants plan on staying at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites near the venue, located at Cra. 7 #67-39, Localidad de Chapinero, Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Colombia (+57 16024770).

Additional Hotel Options