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Published: November 4, 2020

Local partners and SRM at Wateraid

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On November 3rd 2020, Léa, Research Advisor at GISF collaborated with WaterAid as part of their Safer WaterAid Week. She presented the findings and recommendations from GISF research paper, Partnerships and Security Risk Management: from the local partner’s perspective.

Léa was also joined by John Ede, co-chair of the Charter for Change (C4C) Advocacy Working Group and President of Ohaha family foundation in Nigeria, who reflected on his own experiences of capacity strengthening on security at a local level.

Too often it is seen that security is rarely discussed or prioritised within partnership agreements between INGOs and local NGOs, meaning that security risks are simply transferred onto local partners and opportunities to share or build capacity with them are lost. This event was an opportunity to trigger conversations on the topic at WaterAid and fuel their ongoing work on improving partnerships with local actors.