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Algorithm for post-assault management in the field

14 August 2018

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Algorithm for post-assault management in the field

This document provides a two-page algorithm for post-assault response in the field. Developed by Humanitrain (2018), the algorithm covers the key issues such as:

  • Is the survivor in a safe place?
  • Do they want medical treatment?
  • Do they want criminal justice involved?
  • Do they want forensic evidence to be taken?
  • Do they want to report the incident or initiate an internal investigation?


Seguridad en lugares públicos

This document provides guidance in Spanish on personal safety in public places. It was developed for use in Mexico but is applicable for many other Spanish-speaking contexts.

ActionAid Office Reopening Framework

This guidance has been shared for use by GISF members only. As such, this document must not be shared outside of the GISF Membership.