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Academic Resource

In their words: Perceptions of armed non-state actors on humanitarian action

As humanitarian actors increasingly operate in situations of internal armed conflict, the importance of negotiating with armed non-state actors (ANSAs) to ensure access has come to the forefront. Yet humanitarians on the ground and the broader international humanitarian community often…

6 Jun 2016 Resource

The use of explosive weapons in Syria: a time bomb in the making

Based on an analysis of 77,645 incidents collected between December 2012 and March 2015, this study conducted by Handicap International in 2015 shows that explosive weapons are the most commonly used weapons in the Syria conflict with more than four…

5 Jun 2015 Resource

Joint NGO Safety and Security Training

Humanitarian agencies are increasingly aware of the centrality of security-related training to strategies for ensuring the safety of aid workers whilst maintaining access to crisis-affected populations. In a survey conducted by the International Medical Corps (IMC) during the first half…

18 Apr 2010 Resource

The Niger Delta Crisis: issues, challenges and prospects

Researchers L.A. Afinotan and V. Ojakorotu deal in this paper (2009) with issues and prospects about Nigeria’s Niger Delta. Indeed, “Nigeria’s Niger Delta region is not only home to the greater part of Africa’s largest mangrove forest, but also the…

12 May 2009 Resource