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States and Sovereignty in the Middle East: Myths and Realities

15 September 2017
Middle East and North Africa

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States and Sovereignty in the Middle East: Myths and Realities

This article by Louise Fawcett (2017) evaluates recent events against evolving patterns and conceptions of statehood and sovereignty over time. It argues that understanding the contemporary region requires stepping back from the present and taking a long view of the evolution of states and sovereignty in the modern Middle East. It rejects the use of popular myths and stereotypes about artificial or failed states or imminent system implosion, and calls for a stocktaking of the condition of the Middle Eastern state. In doing so it also considers the Middle Eastern experience comparatively, looking at parallel state trajectories elsewhere.


Gérer la Violence Sexuelle à l’encontre du Personnel Humanitaire : prévention, préparation, réponse et suivi

Ce manuel offre des outils pratiques, centrés sur le ou la survivant.e pour que les responsables de la sécurité et du bien-être du personnel, ainsi que toute personne impliquée dans ces démarches, puissent prévenir, se préparer et répondre à des incidents de violence sexuelle. Ce manuel fournit également des informations…

Strategy Paper: COVID-19 Return to Office Working (May 2020)

This strategy paper outlines proposed measures relating to the return of staff and volunteers to their respective offices once restrictions have been lightened or lifted in their operational context. This document must not be shared beyond the GISF membership.