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Understanding Humanitarian Exemptions: U.N. Security Council Sanctions and Principled Humanitarian Action

This Briefing Memorandum from the Counterterrorism and Humanitarian Engagement (CHE) Project at Harvard Law School outlines some of the foundational issues around Humanitarian exemptions in a question-and-answer format.


A Toolkit for Urban Resilience in Situations of Chronic Violence

This toolkit assesses resilience, namely the ways ordinary people along with their neighbors and officials cope with chronic urban violence, by analyzing eight-case studies of cities suffering from a history of violence.

Risk Assessment: Liberia

This report provides information and an assessment of the security situation in Liberia, by analysing the crime situation, political violence, the police response, medical emergencies and giving NGO's feedback on their own assessments of the security information.

Risk Register Structure

This document is an example of Risk Register.