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Understanding Attacks on Humanitarian Aid Workers

There is an increasing demand for deploying humanitarian workers to conflict-affected areas. However, this need has expanded the risk of violent attacks against staff in insecure field settings. This brief by Kristian Hoelscher, Jason Miklian and Håvard Mokleiv Nygård (2015)…

5 Jan 2016 Resource

Humanitarian Action under Scrutiny: Criminalizing Humanitarian Engagement

This working paper presents HPCR’s research (2011) to date on dilemmas arising from the intersection between, on the one hand, counterterrorism laws and policies prohibiting engagement with certain non-state entities and, on the other, humanitarian access and protection of civilians…

22 Dec 2015 Resource

Managing Risk – Why, when, how?

An ever-changing world means challenges to traveller safety that range from extreme weather conditions to civil unrest and terrorism. This document is intended to be a call to action – a risk policy is a must for any organisation that…

12 Oct 2015 Resource

The Cost of Security Risk Management for NGOs

The Cost of Security Risk Management for NGOs (2013) explores the costs related to safety and security management for aid programmes. It aims to assist all aid practitioners to determine their risk management expenditure more accurately, and demonstrate an evidence-based…

15 Mar 2013 Resource