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Humanitarian Action under Scrutiny: Criminalizing Humanitarian Engagement

22 December 2015

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Humanitarian Action under Scrutiny: Criminalizing Humanitarian Engagement

This working paper presents HPCR’s research to date on dilemmas arising from the intersection between, on the one hand, counterterrorism laws and policies prohibiting engagement with certain non-state entities and, on the other, humanitarian access and protection of civilians in armed conflict.


InterAction Security Unit: Pakistan Assessment

This document provides information on the interAction report of its assessment in Pakistan, where it looked at the importance of assessing needs, improving technical support, training opportunities and communications efforts.

Annual USAID/OFDA Consultation on NGO Operational Security – Discussion Summary

This document summarized the discussion of the fourth annual consultation on NGO operational security USAID/OFDA, and includes a brief on activities since the 2008 Consultation and an open discussion on current NGO Operational Security Concerns and Potential USAID/OFDA Assistance.

Regional consultation and training workshop and collaborative learning activities. Summary Notes

The Collaborative Learning Approach to NGO Security Management project, funded by USAID‐OFDA, recently held two key project events in East Africa. The project team held a Regional Consultation and Training Workshop in Nairobi (April 5‐8) which was followed by field research in Uganda, South Sudan and Kenya (April 11‐21). Staff…