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Managing the Security of Aid Workers with Diverse Profiles

An aid worker’s personal security is impacted by the interplay between where the aid worker is, who they are, and their role and organisation. As employers, aid organisations have a duty of care to take all reasonable measures to protect…

20 Sep 2018 Resource

Duty of Care: Protection of Humanitarian Aid Workers from Sexual Violence

“Duty of care is being increasingly discussed within the humanitarian community, and becoming an important area within risk management practice for organisation’s wishing to better address health, safety, and security issues for their staff. This is a welcomed move, with…

23 Aug 2017 Resource

Financial Access for US Nonprofits

Anti-money laundering (AML) and countering the financing of terrorism (CFT) regulatory obligations and oversight of financial institutions, have led to the phenomenon of “derisking.” This research by Sue E. Eckert (2017) initiative was undertaken to develop empirical data to inform…

10 Apr 2017 Resource

Kurdish Self-governance in Syria – Survival and Ambition

This paper by Ghadi Sary (2016) assesses the development of the local administration of Rojava, its context within Syria and the wider Kurdish political scene. It aims to present a different perspective on the challenges, opportunities and threats faced by…

7 Apr 2017 Resource

A Brief Guide to Asbestos in Emergencies: Safer Handling and Breaking the Cycle

Hazardous asbestos waste can be generated by a disaster and during search and rescue operations, clean-up operations, demolition and transitional settlement and reconstruction activities. Humanitarian organisations involved in any of the above activities need to recognise the risks associated with the…

18 Apr 2016 Resource