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From research papers to training packs, find the resources you need, all in one place. For GISF members, please log in to access member-only resources. For hard copies of any GISF resources, please contact gisf-research@gisf.ngo. If you would like to share a resource with GISF, please contact gisf-megan@gisf.ngo.

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Humanitarianism and Mental Health


For their annual Careers in Humanitarianism Day, Manchester University held a session on Humanitarianism and Mental Health, which is becoming increasingly more discussed and recognised in both academia and humanitarian organisations. Guest speakers included: Lisa Reilly, Executive Director at GISF…

Event recording 2021 English

Keeping up with Covid-19 | Webinar Recording

Covid-19, Gender, Inclusivity, NGO Security Management, Safety

In April 2021 GISF hosted a webinar that was open to both members and non-members to feature insights from the recent release of GISF’s modules on gender-based harassment and abuse risks for personnel during Covid-19, inclusivity and security risk management.…

Webinar 2021 English GISF publication

Webinar Recording: Digital Technologies and Humanitarian Action in Armed Conflict

Communications, Context Analysis, NGO Security Management, Technology

We live in a digital age. Digital technologies have become an inescapable part of nearly everyone’s lives, even more so since the COVID-19 pandemic, which has created opportunities as well as dependencies and risks. People affected by armed conflicts and…

Event recording 2021 English

GISF Webinar: Preparing for Crisis during COVID-19: Recording and Presentations

Context Analysis, NGO Security Management, Policy Guidance, Safety, Wellbeing

On the 17th December, GISF hosted the final webinar of the year, looking at the COVID-19 pandemic and how it has impacted operations around the world, and the work of the Security Risk Management professional with it. The webinar explored…

Event recording, Webinar 2021 English GISF publication

Resource & Support Hub Webinar: Robust or Risky Recruitment

Context Analysis, Humanitarian Programmatic Issues, NGO Security Management, Policy Guidance, Training

Getting the HR function right for safeguarding is vital. Not only in in order to prevent people joining the organisation who are unsuitable to work with children and communities, but also to discipline staff or others who breach policies and…

Event recording 2020 English

GISF Webinar, Acceptance: past, present and future

Acceptance, NGO Security Management

This GISF webinar, which took place on Thursday 23rd July, looked back at the framing of acceptance as a security management approach, how acceptance is used today and opportunities for the future. Speakers: Dr Larissa Fast of the University of…

Event recording, Webinar 2020 English GISF publication

Event recording: Security risk management and duty of care during COVID-19

Acceptance, Access, Legal Obligations, Local Action, NGO Security Management, Policy Guidance

Humanitarian work is in most cases carried out in insecure environments and situations, making it critical for organizations to be able to identify and manage security risks affecting their operations. Although Security Risk Management (SRM) in the humanitarian sector has…

Event recording 2020 English

Event Recording: GISF Virtual Launch (plus Q&A)

Acceptance, Access, Inclusivity, Local Action, NGO Security Management, Safety

The Event On 9th April 2020, EISF relaunched as the Global Interagency Security Forum. On 15th April, we hosted virtual celebrations, bringing together voices (and ears) from all around the world. With speakers from our original network and beyond, the…

Event recording, Other 2020 English

Embedding with Aid Agencies: Editorial Integrity and Security Risks

Acceptance, Communications, Human Rights, NGO Security Management

Shrinking editorial budgets have resulted in journalists increasingly turning to aid agencies to cover stories. At the same time, aid agencies are being pushed to be more media savvy in order to get their message out and to support advocacy…

Event recording 2020 English

Preventing and Addressing SEA in Private Security Operations

Human Rights, Inclusivity, Legal Obligations, NGO Security Management, Private Security Providers

GISF’s Executive Director Lisa Reilly joined the panel in Geneva on 14 May 2019, to discuss the topic Preventing and Addressing Sexual Exploitation and Abuse in Private Security Operations. During the webinar, Lisa shared some of the lessons the NGO sector…

Webinar 2019 English