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Mental Health & Wellbeing

Employee wellbeing is a central aspect of any organisation’s duty of care. Physical risks are not the only threats faced by aid workers - research finds that the majority of aid workers report both high levels of stress and poor overall wellbeing.


Self-Care Manual for Humanitarian Aid & Development Workers

This 96-page manual provides simple measures to support humanitarian workers exposed to high levels of stress to cope and care for themselves, whilst enhancing their well-being and resilience. This guide is designed for all humanitarians working in demanding and pressurized environment where, due to a lack of financial resources and time, it can be difficult to prioritize self-care actions even though it is highly important for them and the communities they work with. This guide has been created in a way to emphasize the practical aspects of self-care.

Care for Caregivers: Skills for Resilience through Meditation and Mindful Movement

Individuals working in Aid, first response professions and various caregiving roles dedicate their lives to their work - focused on helping and caring for others. In this exceptionally unstable time the expense and systematic neglect of the aid worker’s own wellbeing has been starkly evident and calls for action. This is why this FREE APP, Care for Caregivers: Skills for Resilience through Meditation and Mindful Movement was created. Short sessions of your choice can support you in strengthening your innate resilience and ability to thrive and recover from difficult situations, even in the face of acute and chronic stress.

Traumatic Stress Management Guidance

This document highlights the areas that organisations whose staff are exposed to potentially traumatic situations and/or material should consider addressing in their Health and Safety procedures.

Approaches to Staff Care in International NGOs

Approaches to Staff Care in International NGOs

In early 2009, People In Aid and InterHealth came together to research the provision of psychological and medical care for international staff and frequent travellers. The focus of the report is on psychological care.