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GISF Webinar | Keeping up with Covid-19

GISF’s keeping up with Covid-19 webinar will feature insights from the upcoming release of GISF’s modules on gender-based harassment and abuse risks for personnel during…

30 Mar 2021 Event

Methodology: Applying a Racial Equity Lens to Anti-Hunger Policies

Our hope is to build on this method for future projects. This methodology is offered as a possible pathway for other organizations, policymakers, and implementing agencies to use in developing a racial equity lens for their work, whether inside or…

26 Mar 2021 Resource

Using a Racial Equity Scorecard for Policy and Programs

People of color in the United States are more likely to experience hunger and poverty because of structural racism. The consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic reflect the impact of structural racism in our country.1 These preexisting inequities have only been…

26 Mar 2021 Resource


The manual is a compilation of many resources developed by HelpAge and other agencies to address the issue of age inclusion in disaster risk management (DRM). It customises the messages to suit the need for age inclusive DRM across Asia…

26 Mar 2021 Resource

WCAPS 2021 Virtual Conference

WCAPS Conference: Bringing Together Global Perspectives The conference includes panels, trainings, webinars, a live podcast recording, live performances, happy hour, art auction, special guests, and…

24 Mar 2021 Event