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Hostile Environment Awareness Training

Hostile Environment Awareness Training table
Start date4 Aug 2022
End date6 Aug 2022
Time9:00 am BST |4:00 AM EDT
Provider PMO Security Risk Management (PMO-SRM)
LocationPoland, near Rzeszów
Cost1,450 Euro, group discount does apply
Booking URLhttps://pmo-srm.org/heat-2/

In August 2022, PMO Security Risk Management will organise its second Hostile Environment Awareness Training in Poland. The training is open to all, and will be given with special focus on the current conflict in Ukraine.

The training focuses on creating an awareness of how to respond to scenarios you are likely to encounter while working in a hostile or hazardous environment. The HEAT has a large “field component,” which we spread over three days. Participants will have the opportunity to practice the skills taught during the theoretical part of the training. Therefore, the course is interactive and requires a participatory approach. We combine theory with group work, audio-visual methods, exercises, and simulations.


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