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Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)

Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) table
Start date14 Sep 2020
End date16 Sep 2020
Time9:00 am CEST |3:00 AM EDT
Provider Global Risk Advice
LocationDiepenveen, Netherlands
Type Personal, Security, Security Risk Management
Cost1150 EUR
Booking URLhttps://globalriskadvice.com/training/hostile-environment-awareness-training-3-days-heat/

HEAT participants learn to recognize, assess, and avoid or handle, risks.
Should incidents happen, they’re trained to respond according to best
practices in the field that optimize the likelihood of a positive outcome.
The course is designed to be safe, encouraging and enjoyable combining
practical challenges with relevant theory.

Our certified and seasoned trainers do support and coach participants individually during
the training and in the period thereafter. This supports you in transferring the learned into daily practice.
The subjects we cover:

• mission preparations and disaster preparedness
• risk assessments and situational awareness
• medical accident response
• performance under pressure/ stress handling skills
• risk-reducing behavior with (armed) crime, corruption, and other situations
• Communication Skills
• Weapon Awareness
• Gender-specific risks
• Handling, detention, kidnapping & interrogation


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Hostile Environment Awareness Course (HEAT)

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Hostile Environment Awareness training (HEAT)

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