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Transitioning your membership to GISF CIC

The Global Interagency Security Forum (GISF) has been on a long journey since its founding in 2006. What began as an informal gathering of security focal points has grown to a robust community of over 140 members, with permanent offices in both London and Washington D.C. And now, GISF is pleased to announce a new milestone.

In February 2024, GISF became an independent organisation for the first time. Having previously been hosted by charities such as Christian Aid and Mines Advisory Group, GISF transitioned to become an independent community interest company (CIC). This offers significant benefits to GISF and our members. It enables us to set our own agenda and policies, without the risks of being tied to a host organisation’s frameworks. And it gives members a greater say in the future of GISF, with new formal voting rights.

To learn more, please see the Articles of Association for GISF CIC.

As GISF CIC will be a new company, all members will need to reapply. For organisations with a pre-existing relationship with GISF, we have made this process as simple as possible and all that is required is for you to complete two forms. However, these forms must be signed by an appropriately senior individual from each member’s organisation, such as a CEO, a CFO, a director, or a trustee.*

Form 1A is the application form. This requires basic information about your organisation, as well as the signature of at least one senior individual.

Form 1B is a template letter addressed to the GISF CIC Board of Directors. The text in red should be adapted by you to include your organisation’s name, address and other details. This too must be signed by a senior individual from your organisation. The letter includes an important detail about your membership – namely, that as a member of GISF CIC, your organisation accepts a liability, capped at £1, should GISF CIC ever be wound up.

Once you have completed these forms, you should return them to ‘The Membership Team’ either via email at members@gisf.ngo or by post at GISF CIC, Romero House, 55 Westminster Bridge Road, London, SE1 7JB, United Kingdom.

We hope you are excited about this new phase in GISF’s journey of growth and development. We have many exciting plans for the future of the organisation, and look forward to your continued support in helping us to reach our ambition to keep aid workers safe – everywhere.

If you have any questions about GISF’s new status as a CIC, or if you need support completing Forms 1A and 1B, please reach out to the Membership team via members@gisf.ngo.

* The test is whether someone can sign a contract on behalf of their organisation – for larger organisations, this authority is often delegated to a number of staff. GISF cannot give specific advice on the circumstances of individual organisations.