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Published: March 10, 2020

We’re going global! GISF launching 9th April 2020

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We’re so grateful for the support that we’ve received over the years from our amazing network!

We started our journey in 2006, as an informal alliance of global security focal points working in humanitarian response. Starting as the initiative of a few NGOs based in the UK and Ireland, we quickly grew to include NGOs from all across Europe. Not long after that, EISF began including other not for profit organisations working in development and human rights, who joined the network as ‘associate members’.

14 years later, we’re really expanding. With global trends affecting not only the practice of humanitarian security risk management, but also the ways in which knowledge is shared and communicated, the time has come for EISF to embrace a new opportunity. From 9th April onwards, we’ll be supporting a global network that improves the safety and security of aid workers.

As we embark on the next step of our journey, we’re excited to share expertise among an ever-wider group of stakeholders.

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