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Published: December 16, 2020

Women in Security: Tara Arthur, GISF

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GISF’s Project and Membership Officer for North America, Tara Arthur, recently sat down for an interview with The Minerva Mission. The interview gave Tara the opportunity to discuss her role within GISF and the wider security sector. It also gave Tara space to share how her journey has been fundamentally shaped by being a woman.

The Minerva Mission’ is an information hub for women in the security sector, set up by Anna-Liisa Tampuu, founder of SheTravel. With interviews like Laura’s, they want to raise awareness about the security sector amongst women, and encourage them to join this very versatile sector, through sharing stories of other women doing the jobs, as well as create a platform where women can support each other and share advice with others.

The Minerva Mission wants to also highlight and include those jobs in the sector that are the ‘less obvious’. Not only corporate risk, cyber intelligence, etc. but also include the SRM third sector jobs, related to security.

You can read how the interview went here: Women of Security

The Minerva Mission previously interviewed our European Project and Membership Officer, Laura Van de Vloet