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GIZ Algorithm for Post-Assault Management in the Field

17 November 2017

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GIZ Algorithm for Post-Assault Management in the Field

This algorithm was produced by Humanitrain for GIZ to support its post-assault incident management.


Travel Risk Assessment Form Example

This is an example of an organisational travel risk assessment.

Duty of Care in Action: Managing the Loss of an Employee Overseas

Employee fatalities can have catastrophic implications for families and organizations. This briefing provides an overview of the complexity of repatriation of mortal remains as well as the process of pre-planning for such difficult events.

Illicit Drug Funding: The Surprising Systemic Similarities Between the FARC and the Taliban

This interesting report offers a detailed case study of both the FARC and the Taliban, with particular focus on their involvement in the drugs trade as their primary (and illicit) source of funding, including cultivation, production and trafficking. It describes the similarities between the two groups as ‘startling’, and the…