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Through our research, events, and networks, we work with and for our members and associates to drive change for security risk management in the humanitarian sector.

How does GISF work?

The Global Interagency Security Forum (GISF) is an independent community interest company (CIC) serving a network of over 130 members and associates. Our membership comprises NGOs operating internationally and other qualifying organisations.

A team of staff make up the GISF Secretariat. Based in London, UK, the Secretariat handles the organisation’s day-to-day functioning. An office based in Washington, D.C. also supports our growing membership in the Americas.

The Board of Directors is responsible for GISF’s operations as a registered CIC. It ensures GISF functions within the legal and regulatory framework of the sector and in line with the organisation’s governing documents.

Our Steering Group, composed of up to 10 members, leads GISF’s strategic direction. Alongside the Steering Group, there is an Americas Steering Committee, which leads on the strategic direction of the GISF Americas team.

GISF receives funding from the US Agency for International Development (USAID/BHA) and the European Commission (ECHO).

Benefits for GISF members and associates

You can see all benefits in our GISF Members and Associates Information Pack.


Members and associates are invited to a number of exclusive events throughout the year. These include roundtables, workshops, context webinars, and more.

You can also contribute to our events as speakers or co-hosts.


These events provide a safe space for peer-to-peer engagement and information exchange. Occasionally an external speaker will provide a technical update or members will be asked to start the conversation with their own observations to share their insights and experiences. All contributions are helpful.


Webinars help facilitate information dissemination and discussion around a particular topic or context of interest. Technical experts, academics, and members present their knowledge and experience, followed by an opportunity to ask questions and discuss the points raised.


At GISF, we organise at least four workshops each year – though, in recent years, we’ve run as many as 10. Our workshops offer organisations development opportunities beyond security, for example, for staff from different backgrounds and departments.

Bi-annual Forum

Each year we host two Forums for our members and associates to come together with experts and explore cutting-edge issues affecting humanitarian security risk management. These Forums take place in person and are an excellent opportunity to network with counterparts from other NGOs.

Digital resources and the online hub

With a growing, cross-continental network of members and associates, virtual engagement is key to GISF’s work. We run live streams, online briefings, and the GISF chat facility, hosted by Mattermost.

The GISF chat channels allow our members and associates to communicate with their whole network at the touch of a button. It allows you to:

  • Communicate directly with one another and the wider GISF community
  • Coordinate during rapid onset crisis
  • Share useful documents
  • Contribute feedback
  • Arrange visits and meetings
  • Provide updates on certain contexts
  • Share knowledge on specific topics through opt-in channels like digital security
  • Ask tailored questions to your needs.

Our member website is private and provides access to a wide range of services for all those interested in security risk management, including:

  • Extra resources in an extensive digital library
  • Contact details of our Security Focal Points and affiliates
  • Free advertisement of vacancies for security professionals in the sector
  • Details of security training courses run by NGO-appropriate providers
  • Virtual and face-to-face events that cover a variety of topics on improving security risk management.


Our cutting-edge research offers guidance on a vast array of practical and conceptual topics. These include easy-to-follow checklists, editable tools, and research papers exploring the latest issues impacting humanitarian security risk management.

As well as having access to our entire catalogue, we make sure to include our members and associates in the research process. This includes:

  • Identifying new topics to explore
  • Completing a research questionnaire or benchmarking survey
  • Joining a peer review team or working group to accompany a research project
  • Proofreading or sense-checking upcoming translations of our resources.

Factal Access

Factal provides fast, verified updates to help the world’s largest organisations protect people, avoid disruptions and expedite disaster relief when global events put them at immediate risk.

GISF members can access Factal’s unlimited real-time risk intelligence platform for free and bypass the additional Factal vetting process. GISF associates will also receive access. However full unlimited access to the platform may be reviewed on a case-by-case basis in accordance with Factal’s internal definitions.

With access to Factal, you can chat with their 24/7 newsroom and other security pros to get the situational intelligence you need. You can also receive alerts anywhere you need them, including via the popular Factal mobile app.

GISF Exercise Platform

The GISF Exercise Platform (GEP) is an exciting addition to the services GISF offers its members, delivering innovative and realistic crisis management training to support improved practices across the sector.

The GEP allows members to access a range of play-on-demand crisis scenarios, free of charge, that are relevant to the humanitarian and development sector. The simulations take place in a self-contained, high-fidelity space, enabling the exercising of crisis management skills and plans in a constantly evolving and dynamic environment. Members can run scenarios at their own pace, adjusting the length and intensity of the exercise to suit their needs.

You can find out more here.

Our members and associates

From Save the Children to Greenpeace International, see all of our diverse members and associates improving lives and reducing suffering around the world.

Interested in becoming a member or associate? Find out how to join GISF here.