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Protection of a (medical) facility against a mob attack

19 June 2020

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Protection of a (medical) facility against a mob attack

It is extremely difficult to protect a facility that is attacked by an angry mob. There are however a few measures that can be considered to pre-empt and prepare for mob attacks. This guidance outlines some such measures.


Risk Management and the Fortified Aid Compound: Everyday life in post-interventionary society

This article examines the architecture of international aid operations, its relationship to risk management, and the implications of the increased presence and ‘normalisation’ of fortified aid compounds.

Aid Worker Security Report 2017 – Behind the attacks: A look at the perpetrators of violence against aid workers

This report combines the latest statistics on major attacks on humanitarian aid workers from the Aid Worker Security Database (AWSD) and interviews with members of armed groups to understand the motivations behind attacks on humanitarian workers by armed fighters.