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Sexual Violence Conference Report

12 November 2015

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Sexual Violence Conference Report

The CHS Alliance hosted a successful conference on Sexual Violence Management for the Humanitarian sector in early September that saw over 50 security, health, well-being and HR experts come together to find ways to improve the management of sexual violence in the humanitarian and development sector.

During the conference participants heard testimonies from victims of sexual violence and the views of various experts, who outlined what support is available for victims. Speakers included representatives from the Metropolitan Police, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, InterHealth Worldwide and the Havens.

The day concluded with participants brainstorming action points that they could take back to their agencies to improve sexual violence prevention and management. This document contains a summary of the day’s speakers and a full list of learning and action points, including increasing awareness of the issue and creating a safe and open culture to avoid the stigma sometimes attached to sexual violence victims.


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