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Context Analysis

ACAPS: Humanitarian Access Overview

The new ACAPS report outlines how access to humanitarian assistance continues to be restricted for crisis-affected populations in more than 60 countries. Along with the analysis report, they have made publicly available the access dataset behind our analysis as well as an interactive…

26 Jul 2021 Resource

Figures at a Glance 2021

This report presents the latest verified statistics on aid worker violence from Humanitarian Outcomes’ Aid Worker Security Database. This preview gives updated numbers and trends through 2020. You can download the dataset from the AWSD website or take a look at their…

23 Jul 2021 Resource

ACAPS | Haiti: Gang Violence

ACAPS latest briefing note looking at Haiti: Gang Violence, is now available. An increase in gang violence and criminal activity in Haiti since 1 June 2021 has been affecting around one-third of the territory of Port-au-Prince. Southern neighbourhoods are the…

15 Jul 2021 Resource