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A Guide to Insurance for NGOs Operating in Violent Environments

Insurance is an important form of risk management for NGOs that might not be able to bear a significant unplanned financial loss resulting from a security or medical incident in the field. Yet, engaging with brokers and insurers to purchase…

15 Aug 2018 Resource

Psychological first aid: Guide for aid workers

This guide (2011) was developed in order to have widely agreed upon psychological first aid materials for use in low and middle income countries. The information we have given here is a model only. You will need to adapt it…

14 Aug 2018 Resource

Algorithm for post-assault management in the field

This document provides a two-page algorithm for post-assault response in the field. Developed by Humanitrain (2018), the algorithm covers the key issues such as: Is the survivor in a safe place? Do they want medical treatment? Do they want criminal…

14 Aug 2018 Resource

Hotel Safety: A Guide to Staying Safe for Employers and Travellers

While the vast majority of hotel stays occur without incident, the importance of reviewing accommodation risks has been highlighted in recent years by numerous terrorist attacks against hotels. The business world has seen increases in visits to developing, higher risk…

18 Jul 2018 Resource

Department for International Development Due Diligence Guide

The Due Diligence Framework (2013) is a powerful risk management tool that encompasses activities undertaken to assist the Senior Responsible Owner (SRO) of the programme in obtaining assurance of a potential delivery partner’s capacity and capability to deliver DFID aid.…

11 Jul 2018 Resource