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New Collaborative Subtheme on Safeguarding!

The Safeguarding Resource and Support Hub (RSH) is a programme that aims to support organisations in the aid sector to strengthen their safeguarding policy and practice…

9 Nov 2022 News

A Life After Captivity

A life after captivity: a reintegration guide for returned hostages will answer questions that former hostages and wrongful detainees face upon returning home, including advice for maintaining mental and physical health, rebuilding a new life with family and friends, and…

8 Nov 2022 Resource

Tip Sheet: Workplace wellbeing and safeguarding

This tip sheet has been developed to help civil society organisations (CSOs) define and understand what wellbeing is and to connect staff wellbeing to work relating to Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Sexual Harassment (SEAH) and other harms. It also aims…

28 Jul 2022 Resource

Can we trust the aid sector to keep people safe?

Safeguarding Matters is a podcast series hosted by the Safeguarding Resource and Support Hub where they discuss matters relating to safeguarding and Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Sexual Harassment in the aid sector. Conversations are conducted with thought leaders and practitioners…

28 Jul 2022 Resource

Safeguarding Essentials Package

The Resource & Support Hub has created a package containing “Safeguarding Essentials” for organisations in the humanitarian and development sectors who are starting their safeguarding work. It is designed with civil society organisations (CSOs) in mind and looks specifically at…

28 Jul 2022 Resource

Prevention and Deterrence of Sexual Harassment, Misconduct and Assault

A US Naval Academy document, issuing policy and guidance on the prevention and deterrence of sexual harassment, misconduct, and assault within the Brigade of Midshipmen, Naval academy Preparatory School (NAPS) Battalion, and all military and civilian personnel within the purview…

28 Jul 2022 Resource

Safeguarding Resource and Support Hub for Eastern Europe

The Safeguarding Resource and Support Hub for Eastern Europe serves organisations and people responding to the war in Ukraine. It provides practical and accessible safeguarding resources aiming to reduce the risk of harm. The resource is provided by the Eastern…

21 Jul 2022 Resource

Breaking Bad News

This document provides guidance for managers on how to break bad news to their team.

5 Jul 2022 Resource