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Saving lives by enhancing humanitarian logos

Context Analysis, NGO Security Management, Safety, Access

There has been a worrying increase in attacks on humanitarian organisations in recent times. In fact, 2023 was a record-breaking year for aid worker fatalities. Showing a humanitarian logo used to be a way to improve security. The warring…

Blog 2024

Running in Place: Security risk management in humanitarian operations

Context Analysis, NGO Security Management, Policy Guidance, Safety

Humanitarian aid workers are more likely to die from violence than any other job-related cause. Last year was especially brutal, with upwards of 260 aid workers killed — more than double the average of the prior three years. …

Blog 2024

Access to justice: Aid workers’ overlooked right to legal aid

Context Analysis, NGO Security Management, Safety

 In 2022, 444 aid workers were injured, kidnapped, or killed worldwide. Among the aid workers working on the front lines trying to deliver life-saving aid, national staff were overwhelmingly the victims and survivors…

Blog 2024

Protecting humanitarian and health actors: a collective responsibility

NGO Security Management, Safety, Wellbeing

Security threats facing humanitarian and health workers have hit record levels in recent years, with modern warfare taking a heavy toll on the sector. In 2022, the Aid Worker Security Database recorded at least 444 attacks against aid workers,…

Blog 2023

World Humanitarian Day 2023: two decades on, what has changed?

Acceptance, Inclusivity, Safety, Access, Wellbeing, Duty of Care

World Humanitarian Day is held on 19 August each year, commemorating the devastating 2003 Canal Hotel bombing in Baghdad, Iraq. This tragic event serves as a stark reminder of the risks faced by humanitarians. Two decades later, we are…

Blog 2023