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Healthcare in Syria: Access Constrained and Under Attack

Access, Context Analysis, NGO Security Management

A deliberate assault on healthcare provision Ten years into the war in Syria, 13.4 million people – more than half of the country’s pre-war population – are in need of humanitarian aid. Of those, an estimated 12.4 million require health…

Blog 2021

Sharing Risk in Partnerships: What Have We Learnt?

Access, Communications, Local Action, NGO Security Management

GISF researched local NGO's experiences in partnerships and developed a guide that promotes a more equitable approach to managing security risks. Based on this, we organised two webinars at the Humanitarian Network and Partnerships Week (HNPW) and launched a series of eight online workshops bringing together local and international NGOs. The journey has been both enriching and challenging. This blog identifies three valuable lessons we learnt while promoting risk-sharing in partnerships for those seeking to do the same.

Blog 2021

Breaking a Culture of Silence – Counter-Terrorism Legislation’s Impact on Humanitarian Access Negotiations in North-West Syria

Context Analysis, Humanitarian Programmatic Issues, NGO Security Management

Why is CT legislation impacting humanitarian access? When humanitarians want to provide assistance to affected populations living in areas controlled by a non-state armed group (NSAG), they need to negotiate humanitarian access. Despite the necessity of interacting and negotiating with…

Blog 2021

Disinformation Wars And Not So Digital Threats

Communications, Context Analysis, NGO Security Management, Technology, Wellbeing

Images of the Syrian Civil Defence or as they are more popularly known, the White Helmets, have shaped the debate on the Syrian civil war.  Their photogenic exploits, rescuing injured men, women and children from the rubble in the…

Blog 2021

GISF Goes Global – One Year On

Covid-19, NGO Security Management, Safety

Last week we celebrated one year since the transition of EISF to GISF, and what a year it has been. Some of the most noticeable changes over the year have been how much the work of security risk managers has…

Blog 2021

GISF’s 2021 March Forum - A Look Back

Access, Context Analysis, Human Rights, NGO Security Management

I joined the GISF March forum during my first week working for GISF. It opened my eyes to the many security risks that aid workers face. Before working in humanitarian security risk management (SRM), I knew many individuals who volunteered…

Blog 2021

Risk Analysis in Humanitarian Assistance - What To Expect?

Access, Context Analysis, Safety

As a programme assistant in the RA Division at USAID, I support the programmatic and technical analysis of risks to provide early warning, effective mitigation and appropriate responses to natural disasters. Although my work differs from SRM, there are inherent…

Blog 2021

Crisis management - people matter

Communications, NGO Security Management, Policy Guidance

It’s a team sport People have difficulty making timely decisions: When the stakes are high. When they are under stress. When the information they have is incomplete and sometimes contradictory. When the decision-makers are working on an issue outside of…

Blog 2021

Myanmar - shifts in the humanitarian landscape

A snapshot of the current context On February 1st, the Myanmar military (called the Tatmadaw) denounced the November 2020 elections as illegitimate, even though most outlets declared the National League for Democracy party (NLD) as the overwhelming winner. Military leaders…

Blog 2021