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The Afghanistan Crisis of 2021: a Black Swan?

Humanitarian Programmatic Issues, NGO Security Management

When the Taliban ramped up their offensive in May 2021, there were few indicators that it would lead to an immediate collapse of the Western-backed Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the multi-trillion-dollar project of the last twenty years. Unlike past…

Blog 2022

Security, Resilience, and the Humanitarian Sector

Training, Wellbeing

What is resilience? Resilience is a term that is increasingly used in the humanitarian sector, whether in relation to security risk management (SRM), staff well-being or business (operational) continuity. However, we rarely discuss what the term actually means. The Oxford…

Blog 2022

NGOs Need to Take Responsibility for their Private Security Contracting Practices

Acceptance, NGO Security Management, Private Security Providers

Over the last decade, many humanitarian organisations have increasingly used private security providers (PSPs) to manage security risks. Generally, contracted guards posted in front of compounds are the most visible manifestation of this and have become part of the daily…

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