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Published: August 10, 2023

GISF Exercise Platform Now Available To Members

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We're excited to announce that the GISF Exercise Platform (GEP), developed in collaboration with our business partner Conducttr, is now available for all members for free!

This innovative platform enables members to run lifelike, dynamic, and constantly evolving crisis simulations whenever they need. Testing the team’s responses in a controlled environment and enabling reflection and learning to strengthen your ability to act when crisis hits, this platform is an essential tool for organisations looking to test and improve their crisis response plans. Members can run unlimited crisis simulations on the platform, with up to 15 participants per session.

The GEP hosts crisis exercise scenarios on: 

  • A terror attack, 
  • A kidnapping, 
  • A logistics crisis, 
  • A monkeypox disinformation incident. 

The GEP has been developed in collaboration with one of GISF’s business partners, Conducttr.

You can find an in-depth introduction to the platform, including a video, FAQs, and registration instructions, in the member-only section of the GISF website, here.