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Become a business partner

By offering support to GISF, our Business Partnership Programme allows corporations to have a meaningful and sustainable impact on over 100 humanitarian organisations.

Companies are experiencing a growing desire to have a purpose beyond profit. But making a real impact – while meeting daily business needs – can be a difficult goal to achieve.

Our Business Partnership Programme presents a unique opportunity to impact hundreds of humanitarian programmes around the world. By supporting the work of a forum like ours, any organisation can immediately increase the reach of its social responsibility.

What is GISF’s reach?

GISF is an independent, member-led network of over 100 non-profit organisations. Our members operate around the world to improve the lives of those in need. We have:

Over 120 member organisations, working in

At least 130 countries, with

At least 500,000 staff, impacting the lives of

Around 2,500,000,000 beneficiaries.

Become a business partner

Our members work in the most high-risk countries in the world. With your support, we can continue to keep aid workers safe.

Stories from a GISF member: Christian Aid

Sierra Leone

Become a business partner

Sierra Leone is the most dangerous place to give birth in the world. Through a partnership with RADA (Rehabilitation and Development Agency) our member, Christian Aid, is able to provide life-saving maternal health support.

In this photo, Tenneh Boweh brings her 3-month-old baby Ansumana Bangalie for a check up with Nurse Judith Lassie. Tenneh had a traumatic childbirth for her first baby, and sadly the baby died a few months later. But with the help of nurse Judith and a temporary health centre in her village, Tenneh gave birth to a healthy baby.

She says: ‘With the coming of Judith, so many lives have changed. We as mums know that with Judith, as long as we see the light at the end of the tunnel, we’ll be OK.’


Become a business partner

Bibi Aisha, pictured in this photo, is a 25-year-old widow living with two children who are seven and eight years old. She lives in an IDP camp in Herat, Afghanistan.

Through a partnership with RAADA (Rehabilitation Association and Agriculture Development for Afghanistan), Christian Aid aims to enable women to work independently and empower themselves, socially and economically. The group has initiated a number of different, life-changing programmes, such as raising awareness of women’s basic rights, creating women-led profit companies and introducing new training for women seeking to earn a livelihood.

‘Faced with war and drought, there was nothing to eat,’ she says. ‘We were forced to leave home and we lost everything.’ RAADA helped her find shelter, giving her a tent. ‘I feel safe in the camp but the Taliban are fighting the government troops at night,’ says Bibi Aisha.

What security threats do aid workers face?

In 2020, nearly 168 million people around the world – 1 in 45 – will need humanitarian assistance or protection. The frontline is not becoming safer, and without support, GISF cannot continue to keep aid workers and their programmes safe. Although this puts vital aid and development work at risk, governments are reluctant to fund support activities, and institutional funding is disappearing.

In 2019, known figures show that at least 300 aid workers were attacked, killed or kidnapped around the world. Below are some of these stories.

How will supporting GISF help?

At GISF, we drive change and influence good security practice that works for the whole humanitarian sector. We know that for these organisations, security risk management is vital. Without it, programmes are not sustainable, staff are not safe, and populations in need are not accessible.

We provide security focal points with a network that keeps aid workers connected and shares global expertise. Through our work, we help organisations to prevent, prepare for, and recover from security incidents. Learn about our leading research, original training and events and more by visiting about us.

What does business partnership involve?

Our valued partners contribute to GISF’s mission through both financial and practical support. We value cross-sectoral collaboration and work with each of our business partners to create mutually-beneficial engagement opportunities. This may include:

  • supporting the GISF Secretariat with marketing, governance or other functions;
  • running events or training for our members;
  • hosting GISF events;
  • expanding the GISF network’s knowledge of risk management in other sectors;
  • providing professional expertise.
Some of the concrete benefits of our tiered business partnership programme include…

Become a business partner

We believe that through dedicated, strategic collaboration, we can achieve a security risk management culture that saves lives and improves access to populations in need. Join us in our mission towards sustainable security that puts people front and centre. If you’d like to speak to us about supporting our work, please contact our Deputy Director, Heather Hughes, on gisf-dd@gisf.ngo. For more information about us, please see the GISF Terms of Reference.

Become a business partner

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