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Find out more about the research we're working on and how you can get involved.

At GISF, we believe that collaboration and inclusivity are essential to developing effective and impactful research. Through blogs, research projects and translations, we strive to represent many voices and welcome contributions from a diversity of actors and sectors. If you or your organisation would like to get involved in the making or dissemination of our upcoming research projects, please contact us at gisf-research@gisf.ngo.

Current projects and collaborations:

Partnerships and Security Risk Management: a joint action guide for local and international aid organisations

Building on the research paper ‘Partnerships and Security Risk Management: from the local partner’s perspective‘, GISF has developed a Joint Action Guide for local and international organisations to better collaborate on security risk management. The guide includes various practical tools, to empower local NGOs to strengthen their own security risk management capacity, including guidance on the kinds of support they can request from international partners.

GISF has trialed the tools with both international and local NGOs and received feedback on what works, and what doesn’t. We are organising four online workshops with Franziska Heizmann addressed at both local and international NGOs, to help them use the guide and better collaborate on security risk management. The workshops will focus on four regions, which local NGOs and international NGOs working in these contexts can join.

The dates for the workshops are:

  • 11th May – Middle East and North Africa
  • 19th May – West Africa
  • 1st June – South Asia
  • 21st June – East Africa

We will release more information about the workshops soon.  If you would like to participate in the workshops or would like to find out more information, please contact gisf-research@gisf.ngo. 

Call for Papers on Achieving Safe Operations Through Acceptance

GISF has opened a call for papers for its upcoming publication, Achieving safe operations through acceptance: challenges and opportunities for security risk management.

While acceptance is supposedly the primary security risk management (SRM) strategy of NGOs, its meaning and mechanisms have not received a corresponding amount of attention. This GISF publication will investigate what it means to ‘do’ acceptance in practice, including obstacles and opportunities that have emerged over time. The short paper series will also consider how changes in the aid environment and aid organisations affect acceptance, drawing practical lessons for security managers. The publication will be edited by Dr Larissa Fast, Senior Lecturer in Humanitarian Studies at the HCRI, University of Manchester, and Léa Moutard, Research Advisor at GISF (gisf-research@gisf.ngo).

GISF is seeking contributions for this publication, in the form of abstracts followed by short papers. Case studies based on current field research or experience, and proposals reflecting on past practice and lessons are encouraged. The selected papers will be published in a single report, which GISF will publicly launch in Fall 2021.

To view the full call for papers, please follow this link.

Keeping up with COVID-19: essential guidance for NGO security risk managers

GISF is developing a series of modules for staff with security risk management responsibilities, looking at how SRM is impacted by COVID-19. The guidance is divided into three parts (A) Policy and Planning, (B) Operational Security and (C) Staff Support. Modules are developed and updated as the global context unfolds, and new operating practices are developed and implemented. You can access existing ones here.

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GISF welcomes contributions to our blog from anyone who has a particular interest or expertise in security risk management or related issues. If you would like to write an original piece for us, please send a brief summary of your ideas to gisf-comms@gisf.ngo.


GISF seeks to make its resources accessible to a large audience by increasing the translations of its work. If you would like to translate one of our original materials, please contact gisf-research@gisf.ngo.

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