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Published: November 21, 2023

New GISF Blog | Protecting humanitarian and health actors: a collective responsibility

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This latest blog, written by Aïda Ndiaye ( former Advocacy Analyst – Protection of Humanitarian and Health Workers, Consortium Action Against Hunger, Humanity and Inclusion and Médecins du Monde), delves deep into the critical issue of protecting humanitarian and health workers in the face of increasing security threats. With a sharp focus on the escalating dangers faced by these frontline workers, the blog emphasises the imperative need for collective responsibility in safeguarding their well-being. 

Drawing attention to alarming statistics from the field, the blog underscores the vulnerability of local and national health workers operating beyond the conventional aid system. It highlights three pivotal priorities essential for ensuring their safety. These include an urgent call to scale up Security Risk Management (SRM) practices, an emphasis on improved data collection and sharing mechanisms, and a strong advocacy push to create and maintain a secure humanitarian space. 

By identifying key challenges and proposing practical solutions, the blog serves as a guiding beacon for the broader humanitarian community to unite and actively work towards creating a safer environment for those selflessly serving communities in need. 

Read the full blog here!