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Published: October 16, 2023

New GISF resource: NGO Crisis Management Exercise Manual

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NGOs operate in dynamic environments containing a range of ever-evolving threats. To keep their staff and programmes safe, it is crucial for organisations to respond quickly and effectively when incidents occur.

Our new NGO Crisis Management Exercise Manualdeveloped in collaboration with the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) of the US Department of State, is an essential tool for helping NGOs to build their preparedness.

Running crisis management exercises enables team members to practice their potential responses, test assumptions, and learn from mistakes in a controlled environment before crises occur. This manual contains valuable tools and guidance to help you design, prepare, deliver, and learn from crisis management exercises to promote positive outcomes when dealing with real-life incidents.

Aimed at security leads within NGOs, the manual is a practical tool enabling a proactive response to crisis management. Helping staff to ‘learn by doing’, crisis management exercises should be regularly integrated into staff training and capacity-building efforts, leading to improved awareness, decision-making, and trust within crisis management teams.   

We have also worked with OSAC to create a new video about the Manual which we are excited to debut. The video summarises the content of the Manual and outlines why it is a useful tool for SRM professionals.

Find the complete manual, individual downloadable versions of the tools, as well as our newly published video here.