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Counter-Terrorist Financing and Humanitarian Security

Legal Obligations, NGO Security Management

In this blog, Alex Marriage briefly outlines the security risks that aid workers can and have faced due to counter-terrorist financing (CTF) measures and goes on to describe the international mechanism through which CTF measures are developed and evaluated. Alex goes on to outline the recent changes to CTF recommendations and what this might mean for humanitarian NGOs.

5 Apr 2017

People management and security risk management

Legal Obligations, NGO Security Management, Policy Guidance, Safety

People management has a direct impact on security risk management. This module, developed by Christine Williamson, takes a closer look at the employee cycle and identifies the practices in people management which carry an obligation or risk. This module demonstrates that the best solution for good people management integrates security risk management with all stages of the employee cycle.

28 Mar 2017

Demystifying Security Risk Management

NGO Security Management

In an effort to support NGOs with limited resources, GISF is developing a guide, authored by Shaun Bickley, that aims to demystify security risk management. In this article for PEAR Magazine, GISF explores in more depth two elements of the security risk management framework, which will be discussed in more depth in GISF's upcoming guide: Security Risk Management: A basic guide for smaller NGOs.

17 Mar 2017

Zimbabwe: A Crisis Unfolding

Context Analysis, NGO Security Management

Zimbabwe is facing an imminent crisis that will require an international humanitarian response in the near to medium-term future, with appropriate security measures for humanitarian workers. Former GISF Coordinator, Nick Hanson-James, takes a closer look at the Zimbabwean context and issues NGOs should aim to be aware of and prepared for given the current climate in the country.

16 Feb 2017