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GISF NGO Security Toolbox Launch | GISF & INSSA webinar

GISF NGO Security Toolbox The GISF NGO Security Toolbox provides easily accessible guidance, resources and tools to help NGOs integrate good risk management practices into their operations in-country during humanitarian responses. The toolbox enables both security specialists and non-security staff…

16 Jun 2022 Resource

HNPW & GISF | Complete session summaries, resources and recordings

Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Weeks (HNPW) The Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Weeks (HNPW) is the annual event of the LEP (leading-edge programme) and the largest event of its kind. This year, the HNPW brought together more than 5000 experts in…

1 Jun 2022 Resource

GISF Podcast | Inclusive Security E5: Reflections on Inclusive SRM

This is the fifth episode of GISF’s new Inclusive Security Podcast Series. This episode explores reflections on the dynamic challenges facing organisations and opportunities to improve inclusive SRM practices, featuring guest speaker Lisa Reilly, Executive Director at GISF.  About the…

26 May 2022 Resource

GISF Snapshot Annual Report | January – December 2021

The GISF Snapshot Annual Report January – December 2021 features some of GISF’s highlights of 2021 and serves to inform members, donors and stakeholders of the impact GISF has had on NGO security management during the reporting period. This is…

16 May 2022 Resource