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Countering Violent Extremism

15 September 2017

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Countering Violent Extremism

This guide begins by considering definitions and origins of violent extremism, investigating the relevance of origins, traditions and politics.

The authors also explore the driving forces behind violent extremism which are compartmentalised into individual and community factors.

The document then addresses three key approaches to countering violent extremism (CVE) and concludes with an assessment of the effectiveness of CVE programmes.


Communicating Risk in Public Health Emergencies

These guidelines provide overarching evidence-based guidance on how risk communication should be practiced in an emergency. The recommendations in this document also guide countries on building capacity for communicating risk in health emergencies.

Interaction patterns in crisis negotiations: Persuasive arguments and cultural differences

This paper examines how the cultural identity of perpetrators and negotiators impacts on negotiation outcomes. It identifies perpetrators as either high context or low context and their responses and behaviours are differentiated by those categories. It becomes very clear that their behavioural patters and the success or failure of negotiations…

Handling the Media

Presentation on putting in place a media strategy when responding to a kidnapping or piracy.