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Cowboys and Conquering Kings

26 February 2018

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Cowboys and Conquering Kings

This report summarises an academic thesis on sexual harassment, abuse and exploitation in the aid sector. The researcher found that gender-based violence, perpetrated by humanitarian actors, is condoned, covered-up, and replicated throughout the entire aid sector. The report attempts to make sense of the abuse of power and privilege which has become a daily reality for women working in the sector, and for the women and girls it serves.


K&R and Extortion Monitor

A monthly digest of media-recorded incidents of extortion, kidnapping and wrongful detention from around the globe.

Glossary of Humanitarian Terms

A useful compilation of terms and definitions within the humanitarian context.

Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device Standoff Distances

This one page image describes the different maximum explosives capacity, lethal air blast range, minimum evacuation distance and falling glass hazard in various types of vehicles.