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Cyber-Warfare and Humanitarian Space

9 May 2018

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Cyber-Warfare and Humanitarian Space

In October 2014, the European Interagency Security Forum (EISF) launched a knowledge hub on communications technology and security risk management. The first publication of this project brought together 17 authors who analysed in 11 articles how communications technology is changing the operational environment, the ways in which communications technology is creating new opportunities for humanitarian agencies to respond to emergencies, and the impact that new programmes have on how we manage security.

In this article, Daniel Gilman explores the impact that cyber-warfare can have on humanitarian space.


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Crisis Monitor: 1st Quarter Report 2015

This Unity Resources Group Crisis Monitor report has a special focus on the impact of recent UK Terrorism Legislation on the Risk Insurance Market. Additionally, the document includes regional analyses in the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

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