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Death Overseas

22 December 2015

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Death Overseas

The death of a relative or friend is always distressing, but if it happens abroad the distress can be made worse by practical problems. After the death of a relative or friend abroa you are likely to have countless questions. What should I do now? How can I communicate with people in a foreign language? Who can I turn to for help? This leaflet (2014) explains what practical support British consular staff can offer you and what you need to do yourself.


Article on digital security

A general article which contains some specific tips and techniques for digital security for those who are a potential target of espionage.

Scenario Planning

This note is designed to provide an introduction to scenarios, particularly for those organising or participating in country, regional or thematic scenario planning work. It suggests a choice of three possible techniques, and brings together the results and lessons from work carried out in different countries and contexts.