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Policy Guidance

Sexual Exploitation and Abuse in the Aid Sector: Progress and Next Steps

This report details the responses from an enquiry into sexual exploitation and abuse in the aid sector. The report details the progress made between 2018 and 2020, particularly recognising new practices and procedures established to tackle this problem and improvements…

24 Feb 2021 Resource

Good Governance for Safeguarding – Summary

This document, produced by the Resource and Support Hub, is a summary of the Bond-produced document Good Governance for Safeguarding: A Guide for UK NGO Boards.  Organisations can become safer if they have good governance structures in place. This short…

24 Feb 2021 Resource

Report: On The Human Rights Frontline

Around the world there is an unprecedented surge in attacks against human rights defenders – people who protect and promote human rights. Amnesty’s new report On the Human Rights Frontline is centred on interviews with 82 human rights defenders in seven countries…

10 Feb 2021 Resource