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Dutch Security Network (DSN)

5 April 2017

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Dutch Security Network (DSN)


The Dutch Security Network is an informal network of NGOs who are interested to discuss organisational security matters. The network exists since 2006 and has more than 40 participating NGOs. The network has a steering committee consisting of 5 member NGOs. The administration is being carried out by one of the members. The steering committee organises bi-annual meetings and an annual workshop day in June.

Meetings take place under the ‘Chatham House rules’: participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed.

Topics discussed

During each meeting different topics are being discussed, often with presentations by external speakers. The topics on the agenda are being determined by the members.

Some of the subjects recently discussed:

  • Duty of Care, legal responsibilities of organisations for their staff members, consultants and other travellers
  • Context analyses: South Sudan, MENA region, DRC
  • Crisis Management within the organisations
  • Abductions
  • Crisis communication
  • The role of the Dutch government during incidents abroad where NGO employees are involved
  • Stress management and aftercare after incidents
  • Medical evacuations
  • Capacity building of partner organisations regarding security management
  • Sexual assault within NGOs
  • Managing security of staff with diverse profiles
  • Track and trace of staff during travelling
  • Security management in consortia
  • Security challenges for aid workers in Greece

Membership is open to NGOs:

  • in the area of International Cooperation (also not-for-profit service providers are welcome).
  • who work / travel in developing countries (potentially unsafe areas).
  • are interested in organisational security issues and are willing to actively participate
  • are mandated on behalf of the management to express the organisation’s position.
  • who have appointed a deputy so that constant presence can be organised.

Benefits of membership

  • Access to knowledge, experiences and insight regarding NGO safety and security
  • Open exchange of learning experiences regarding usually sensitive topics
  • Forum for discussions on approaches to general security management and incident and crisis management in particular

Contact details
For further details please email Hans Andre de la Porte (chair): Hans.AndredelaPorte@warchild.nl   


Securing aid worker safety through effective budgeting

In this article for the Crisis Response Journal, Aisling Sweeney, GISF's Communications Officer, puts forward the case for remodelling funding processes for humanitarian security risk management.