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GISF Forum | September 2015 | Key Learning Points

21 December 2015

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GISF Forum | September 2015 | Key Learning Points

This open-source summary document highlights key information and learning points from the GISF Forum which was held in Berlin in September 2015. The two-day forum of members and expert speakers was kindly co-hosted by Johanniter.

Key Learning Points have been extracted for the following forum topics:

1. Civil Military Interaction and Humanitarian Security

2. Dealing with Emerging Threats

3. Challenges of Getting Security Training to the Right People at the Right Time

4. Abduction and Kidnap Training: To Stress Or Not To Stress

5. Issues Faced When Building the Capacity of Local Partners and National Staff 6. Travel Safety for Women

7. New Technologies for Security Training

8. Human Factors in Security Risk Management Training


Securing aid worker safety through effective budgeting

In this article for the Crisis Response Journal, Aisling Sweeney, GISF's Communications Officer, puts forward the case for remodelling funding processes for humanitarian security risk management.