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GISF Webinar | Applying Serious Gaming to Humanitarian Security

30 October 2015

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GISF Webinar | Applying Serious Gaming to Humanitarian Security

In this GISF webinar, Raquel Vazquez Llorente, GISF Research Advisor and Atish Gonsalves, Founder of Mobilize.life discuss the opportunities and challenges of integrating serious gaming technology into NGO security training. The webinar explores how new technologies can be used when training humanitarian staff to respond effectively in a security crisis. Atish also explains how mobile devices can be used to simulate ‘mixed-reality’ environments, allowing the learners to move between virtual tasks assigned on the device and the physical environment. You can watch the webinar on the GISF YouTube Channel or listen to it via the GISF SoundCloud Channel.

The webinar coincided with the launch of a new contribution to the GISF Communications Hub, Applying serious gaming to humanitarian security: A framework for mixed-reality training.

 Prefer audio only? Listen to the webinar via the EISF Soundcloud channel:

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The Communications Technology Hub aims to provide an outlet for researchers and practitioners to make original and policy-relevant research available to the humanitarian community. If you would like to contribute, please get in touch with the editor of the series at eisf-research@eisf.helpful.ws.


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