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Good Practice Review 8 Revised Edition

21 March 2018

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Good Practice Review 8 Revised Edition

This revised GPR both updates the original material and introduces new topics. In particular, it presents a more detailed and refined approach to undertaking risk assessments specifically oriented to field practitioners. It also outlines a more comprehensive means of implementing an ‘active acceptance’ approach, as well as examining in detail deterrence and protective approaches, including maintaining a low profile and using armed protection. New topics include the security dimensions of ‘remote management’ programming, good practice in interagency security coordination and how to track, share and analyse security information. It provides a significantly more comprehensive approach to managing critical incidents, in particular kidnapping and hostage taking. Issues relating to the threat of terrorism are discussed in a number of chapters within the revised edition and have been purposefully mainstreamed Introduction rather than siloed into one chapter. A series of annexes examines issues such as the changing security environment for humanitarian action, the role of private security providers, insurance provision, and the role of official donors in supporting security management.


Algorithm for Post-Assault Management in the Field

This algorithm was produced by Humanitrain to improve the post-assault management by humanitarian and development agencies working in the field.

GISF Forum Notes: Commercial Engagement in the Humanitarian Space

Businesses are increasingly partnering with governments to directly deliver humanitarian assistance. NGOs are also partnering with businesses, both to fundraise for programmes and in programme delivery in fragile contexts. How can all actors fit well in the limited space previously allotted for the delivery of humanitarian assistance? Heather Hughes of…

Managing a Kidnap Incident: Cloosing Stages

This presentation by Control Risks provides guidance for the closing stages of a kidnapping crisis.