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Guidance for Managing the Death of Staff

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29 March 2020

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Guidance for Managing the Death of Staff

This guide outlines the processes and considerations for managing the death of staff. This guidance should be adapted, as required, to comply with local regulations.


Demystifying Security Risk Management

In an effort to support NGOs with limited resources, GISF is developing a guide, authored by Shaun Bickley, that aims to demystify security risk management. In this article for PEAR Magazine, GISF explores in more depth two elements of the security risk management framework, which will be discussed in more…

GISF Forum Notes – Brussels – March 2015

The GISF Brussels Forum 2015 was held in La Tricoterie, Brussels on the 11th and 12th March 2015. Here the notes transcribed by Jessica MacLean and edited by Ruth Quinn are listed under each session title. Please note that sessions were conducted under the Chatham House Rule. Names of session…

Insecurity of Aid Workers Engaged in Post-Conflict Reconstruction: The Cases of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq

This study examined Post-Conflict Reconstruction (PCR) strategies employed in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq. The study reviewed the impact on aid worker insecurity of the breadth of the peacekeeping and PCR mandates, the coordination of these mandates, and the local involvement in PCR. Aid workers in some post- conflict environments…