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Guide to Safely Using Satphones

22 December 2015

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Guide to Safely Using Satphones

This guide provides a comprehensive look at potential uses for satphones in repressive regimes. It contains the best practices on keeping safe while communicating effectively with the least chance for detection and observation


Duty of Care under Swiss law: how to improve your safety and security risk management processes

This study aims to support Swiss NGOs in understanding their duty of care obligations under Swiss law.

Principles of ACT Safety and Security

This document seeks to lay the foundation for ACT member organizations to establish and build upon their own institutional approaches to security and safety of their staff, local, national and international. The Principles of ACT Safety and Security (PASS) reflect not only the conscientious way ACT members manage programs, but…

Preparing for an Earthquake

When an earthquake strikes you must be ready to act immediately. This guide will help you in doing so