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Humanitarian Access in Situations of Armed Conflict

This Manual is designed to support humanitarian practitioners in developing and implementing approaches to improve humanitarian access in situations of armed conflict. The practitioner’s manual includes Humanitarian access in contemporary armed conflicts, Foundations of Humanitarian Access: Humanitarian principles and the international normative framework, Methodology: Analysis, Design and Implementation, and Dilemmas of Humanitarian Access: three commons dilemmas of humanitarian access.


2008 Report on terrorism

This report is the predecessor of the 2009 report on terrorism.

Évaluations de la sécurité

Évaluations de la sécurité est un guide simple qui peut aider lors de l'examen d’un système de gestion de la sécurité d'une organisation. Les ONG pourront adapter des parties de la procédure d’évaluation pour une meilleure prise en compte de la structure de gestion de l’organisation.

Risk Thresholds in Humanitarian Assistance

This study is concerned with risk management within humanitarian programmes.