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Insecurity – always an insurmountable obstacle?

This paper by Pete Buth (Médecins sans frontières, 2017), drawing partly on some of the findings of the study, attempts to offer a reflection on the subject of risk acceptance, and some of the underlying factors that –apart from the actual security threat– influence security decision-making in the humanitarian sector.


Aid Worker Security Report 2022 – Collateral violence

This year’s report presents the latest verified statistics on attacks against aid workers. The report also examines the type of security incidents that involve what is often called collateral damage, which includes airstrikes, shelling, landmines, unexploded ordnance and other remnants of war, and crossfire. These forms of attack can be…

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The Domestic and External Implications of Zimbabwe’s Economic Reform and Re-engagement Agenda

This research paper takes a closer look at the domestic and external implications of Zimbabwe’s economic reform and re-engagement agenda.