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Managing the safety, health and security of mobile workers

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2 February 2018

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Managing the safety, health and security of mobile workers

This International SOS Foundation guide (2016) advises on the management of the safety, health and security of mobile workers.

In particular, the guide covers the need to:

have a safety and health policy in place that includes travel safety, health and security and to make sure these policies are actively enforced

carry out risk assessments in order to understand properly the relative health, safety and security risks that will apply to employees while they are abroad, tailored to the specific circumstances of the business trip or international assignment

ensure that a system is in place to be able to pinpoint employees’ location in order to ensure their safety

prepare and educate employees about the locations where they will be working

provide employees with access to a 24-hour helpline, which may be able to provide support for medical or security questions or facilitate the provision of emergency assistance at a time when an employee’s usual points of contact would not be available

provide appropriate travel healthcare support.


Vulnerable Business Travellers: Information and advice for female, gender and sexual diversity and disabled business travellers

This travel guide from Drum Cussac was produced to help organisations to prepare their vulnerable travellers, ensure they successfully navigate their way through any overseas trips and return home safely.

¿Qué hacer en caso de incendio?

This document provides guidance in Spanish on the actions which should be taken before, during or after a fire should occur. It was developed for use in Mexico but is applicable for many other Spanish-speaking contexts.